Amanda Lane is Director of the Student and Academic Administration Service

The Student and Academic Administration is formed of four core services:

Admissions, managed by Sharon Blaylock
Assessment, Awards and Compliance, managed by Justine Bigland
Programme Administration, managed by Amanda Holmes
Student Data and System Management, managed by Charly Butler


Our Admissions Team manage all aspects from the point at which an application is received until enrolment at the university. They will be happy to help with any questions you might have, for example the status of your application, the conditions of your offer, the cost of your course, when you will enrol. There are 4 main functions depending on the course you are applying for and whether you are a Home/EU or International Student. The teams are as follows:

All applications for Health/NHS courses

All applications for teacher training or education courses 

All other courses

For international students only on all courses

Following your offer we will also provide you with additional information about what to do if you wish to accept your offer, applying for funding, accommodation and for some courses your eligibility for a bursary. 

Admissions Policy (PDF)

Admissions Procedure (PDF)

Programme Administration

Our Programme Administrations offices are the place to go for any query related to your studies, including assessment and programme information and course transfers and intercalation. They also act as a gateway to the wealth of other support services offered in the University.

Assessment, Awards and Compliance

Our Assessment, Awards and Compliance team manage all student assessment and APL related procedures, student complaints and adjudications as well as organising our graduation ceremonies. Further information can be found within the Assessment and Examinations sections of the website.

Student Data and System Management

Our Student Data and System Management Team are responsible for all the arrangements for student registration, they also manage the Student Records System and its ICON interface. Additionally, they provide statistical and management information and submit all the statutory and funding returns for the University.

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