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Register For September

For 2021, students are no longer required to register face-to-face. Instead, you can register online from the comfort of your own home.

Get started at the University of Cumbria by formally confirming your status as a student through Online Registration. All students are required to complete this, alongside a Declaration of Study in order to begin receiving Student loan support and attend classes.

Registration requirements may differ for each course, with some courses requiring further confirmations of identity and fitness to study. Find out more about specific course requirements down below.

Online Registration

All students are required to Register Online. We will contact you by email with a link to Online Registration usually within four weeks of your course start date.

You do not need to complete this task in one go, the system will remember at which stage you left the process and the next time you log back in you will resume where you left off. However, we do ask that you complete the process as soon as possible. While registering, you will be asked for your term-time address which you may not know at this stage. Don’t worry, you can let us know this later.

During this process, there is also the opportunity to declare a disability/spld, and to consent to share this information with your academic team. Once completed, you will be automatically contacted by our disability team within a few weeks of the start of term.

Online pre-registration includes a photo upload facility, enabling us to create and activate your Cumbria Card before you arrive, saving you time at registration, and providing you with immediate access to the benefits of your Cumbria Card. Find our guide to uploading your photo below. 

If you have not received an email inviting you to complete online pre-registration within one week of your start date or if you are experiencing difficulties with online pre-registration please contact registration support.


Photo upload guide

Declaration of Study

If your Applicant Portal still shows you need to provide evidence of Right to Study please ensure you have done this prior to starting your course. You should upload a copy of your Passport, UK Driving Licence, or Birth Certificate.  If you have a biometric residence card please upload a copy of the front and back of your card.  If you have pre-settled or settled status under the EU Settlement Scheme, please supply the Admissions team with your 9 digit share code.

You are required to complete a Declaration of Study before you start your course. An email will be sent to you shortly before your course begins. You will only be able to complete your Declaration of Study if you have completed Online Registration.

The University can only confirm attendance on courses for student loans and bursaries if students are fully registered and have completed all required elements.

Welcome Week Information

No two courses are the same, that's why each course has its own welcome week timetable. Meet your tutors, explore the University, and prepare for the exciting year ahead. Find out what you will be doing during your first few weeks at the University of Cumbria.

Find Your Timetable

What if I Don't Arrive In Time For Welcome Week?

Step 1: Complete Online Registration

Step 2: Set up your IT account and passwords

Step 3: Check out your course welcome page

Step 4: Let the accommodation team know when you will arrive

Step 5: Make sure all your Admissions checks are complete

Step 6: Complete your Declaration of Study

Step 7: Speak to your tutors

Step 8: Find out more about your Students' Union

Data Protection

Data Protection legislation ensures that all organisations who handle your personal information, including the University of Cumbria, do so in accordance with a number of good practice principles.

We collect a range of information about students to enable us to administer your studies, such as application and enrolment information, financial information, information on academic progress and student support information. For further details about the information we collect about students and how we handle it, as well as information about your rights under Data Protection legislation, please see: