The University of Cumbria is all about developing people. We offer short courses in a range of subjects and delivery methods. We can also develop bespoke courses tailored to your specific requirements.

Information for learners

As technology evolves, systems, programmes and practices change, making it critical for workers to refresh their skills and stay on top of the game.

Short courses allow you to gain knowledge and particular skills that may be needed for a promotion. They also demonstrate to your employer that you are proactive and value continual learning.

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Information for employers

Training is vital for dynamic companies. As well as improving the effectiveness of your current workforce, training is an attractive benefit for ambitious people. 

Benefits include:

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Bespoke training

We're always happy to discuss bespoke training packages that suit the needs of you and your staff.

From short courses to longer programmes, we can offer the flexibility you need to get the best out of your staff development. Our academics from across a wide spectrum of subject areas are eager to share their knowledge with you and your teams.

To discuss your training needs, email or call 01228 888740.

Accredited training routes

Centred on practitioner research, our courses are firmly grounded in the context and experience of our students and are relevant to a wide range of backgrounds and experience.

By choosing to study in the supportive environment of the University of Cumbria, you will seize the opportunity to further develop the skills, experience and understanding you need to make a positive contribution to the lives of children and to make a real and lasting impact on your school or institution.

If you are committed to developing your personal learning further, then we would love to work with you.

For more information: 0808 178 7373 or

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