Group Leading with Children, Young People and Families

Explore what it takes to run practical and effective team or group sessions that support the needs and aspirations of children, young people and families

23 Nov 2021 - 23 Nov 2021

A woman teaches a small group of children around a table.

Event Overview

Would you like to run practical team or group sessions that support the needs and aspirations of children young people and families?

Perhaps you would like to, or are already working with an after school, primary or nursery group, sporting group, outdoor adventure, Scouting or youth club?

If so, this session will draw on existing knowledge and provide you with the tools to deliver an exciting project with your group using team building exercises, debate, activities and games.

The design and narrative of this masterclass will give essential skills for leading groups for a variety of age groups, including adults. The bespoke layout of the activities gives time for discussions, reflections of professional practice, design and development of activities and personal growth at various levels to understand how to adapt and create effective group dynamics.

This session will last around 2 hours, with plenty of opportunities to get involved and hands-on.