Florian, from Bavaria, Germany, chose his course as “I had a degree as a “state certified business manager” in Germany.

Thus I had some experience in this particular field of study. Furthermore I was extremely interested in the management topic due to my time in the German army where I had the rank of a Staff Sargent.”

Florian liked this course because “It wasn’t too focused on just one special topic. It gave a broad insight in the management topic beginning with finance over to HR and cross cultural management. Choosing a topic for my dissertation was the hardest part during my studies…the British education system was a whole new experience for me.”

This opportunity gave me first-hand experience in the emerging markets in Asia.

As part of his student journey, Florian enjoyed a one month student exchange and cultural immersion visit in Fuzhou, China. He says, “This opportunity gave me first-hand experience in the emerging markets in Asia. I was attached to Fuzhou University and could visit some lectures at a Chinese university which was extremely interesting and so different to the western way of educating people.”

Now living in Tübingen, Baden Württemberg, Germany, Florian is currently training as a future manager for logistics company “Deutsche Post” on their graduate programme. He says, “Starting with accountability for over 600 employees in my area of responsibility is quite challenging but a very big step forward in my career.”

International Management

If you aspire to work in the global business world with multi-national companies, MSc International Management will help you to secure the professional knowledge and skills to bolster your career in this fast-paced market. You will learn about international business practices, operations, sustainability and strategic management in the context of today’s complex and changing globalised marketplace.

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