From Blyth in Northumberland, Mathew was the first person in his family to study at university. He wanted to live close, but not at home, so that he could get home easily if needed. Carlisle was therefore an ideal choice.


Mathew says, “I wanted to become a teacher and having completed a three year degree at Newcastle University I wanted to do the PGCE one year course.  I liked the variety of the placements. I actually ended up travelling back to Northumberland for them and did my final placement in a school in Newcastle. The tutors were also very knowledgeable and approachable which is vital when the course is so short.”


He particularly enjoyed “the science lessons. The tutor, Neil, was very knowledgeable and made us think about ourselves and how we deal with children and their emotions.”


“It enabled me to fulfil my dreams of becoming a Head Teacher- it’s as simple as that!  I always wanted to be a Head Teacher right from when I started teaching.”


It enabled me to fulfil my dreams of becoming a Head Teacher- it’s as simple as that!

Asked about his current and future career ambitions Mathew says, “I want to help turn around St Josephs as quickly as possible and get it out of Special Measures. I would then like to see myself as Head of a much bigger school.”


“Becoming one of the youngest Head Teachers in the country is enough to be proud of!” 


He adds, “It is the best profession but you need to work very hard. If you think your PGCE year is hard, your NQT year is harder!"

Primary Education with QTS: General Primary (5-11) years

PGCE General Primary with QTS will help you gain the knowledge and skills needed to be an effective primary school teacher, develop as an independent learner, and nurture the beliefs, values and self-motivation that you will need throughout your career.

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