Jordan is from Leominster in Herefordshire.

She says, “I always wanted to go as far as I could with my training in performance. I was dead-set on going to university.

“I chose to study at the University of Cumbria because the course had industry professionals to direct all our shows. And the practical is so much higher than the written. I had experience in technical theatre and my course allowed me to develop technical skills further as well as performing. So I am more employable. My course performed so many different genres of theatre. And that has made me so adaptable. Doing back-to-back shows keeps you so busy and you always have to be prepared for the next show whilst still doing the show you are on.  

My favourite experience was the professionals I got to meet and network with. I still talk to all of them now.

She says, “I met my fiancé at university and he is also a fellow performer on the Drama and Musical theatre course. And I have made friends for life personally and professionally.”

When asked what was her proudest moment, Jordan says, “I am most proud that off the back of the London showcase I got my first professional job in The Hunting of the Snark at Edinburgh Fringe. This show will now transfer to the West End and I am lucky enough to be going with the show, to make my West End Debut.”

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