"I became a mother here. I worked hard to develop a future for her through my degree and although it was definitely the hardest route it was definitely the most fulfilling."

Paula knew from the beginning what she'd do at university. "I’ve always wanted to study fine art. And this was a multi-disciplinary course that was exactly what I was looking for. I looked at Glasgow and Edinburgh, but I liked Cumbria more. The campus was close to home and not too big of a campus or Carlisle city itself. Caldewgate campus was like a family."

 It was a good decision, as she found she enjoyed "the size and welcoming feeling that the campus has. The tutors were helpful through all aspects of my individual needs throughout my time of study. I was surprised by the lifelong friends I made during my time here, as well as the vast knowledge of artistic techniques and understanding of contemporary art I gained through my studies.

"I have loads of great memories from my time at Cumbria, too many to pick. Working together to pull off degrees shows, playing sardines, trips to Amsterdam... the staff here are amazing and are always there to help you out. The friends you make are friends for life and you’ll always feel part of the family."

"The female lecturers were brilliant role models for myself and a young female art student. They helped me understand and develop myself as not only an artist but also a mother."

The knowledge Paula gained on the course was exactly what she needed for her career plans, as she is now a teacher of art and photography. "My ambition was to become an Art teacher and I have achieved that goal. Helping students achieve and reveal their own potential and seeing them go to university themselves to study Art and/or photography is the most satisfying part of my job."

Paula has some advice for prospective students. " Do it! Just make it! Whatever you want to do, however hard you think it will be. It will be difficult, but with good friends and tutors you will realise you are more than what you think you can do. You have so much more potential than you realise. You’ll not regret it.

Fine Art

Seize your moment to do what you love and love what you do. The Fine Art course will enrich your knowledge enabling you to take your creativity into an exciting and fulfilling creative practice. Exhibit your work with your own show in our very own Vallum gallery plus unveil your talents at national shows such as 'Freerange' with your peers.

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