Dayne, from Uttoxeter, is currently on placement with Leicester Tigers Rugby Club.

When I took a year out after I left school, I worked with the Annandale & Eskdale Active Schools & Community Sport team as a coach. I also gained regular work in a council-run sports centre. During that year, I really grew professionally through my coaching, and I had an exceptional team to support me. Upon the coaching, I managed to gain the Dumfries & Galloway Young Coach of the Year Award, and Eskdale Young Citizen of the Year Award, and I believe I was also shortlisted for the Sport Scotland Young Coach of the Year Award – though unsuccessful.”

“I knew that I wanted to be the best I possibly could, and if it wasn’t going to be University, it would be the armed forces. That was my original endeavour but was unsuccessful initially, I think it is something I may consider again upon graduation. I was unaware really of the benefits of University, but in being there for 2 years now, I cannot imagine being able to do most of what I originally wanted, having not gone to University. I wanted to give myself the best possible chance of getting where I wanted to be, and it was the advice of the armed forces that I take this route.”

PE at the University of Cumbria is one of the best courses on offer. It is always suggested by students across the country that a personal experience is most highly valued, and you don’t get that better anywhere else than at UoC. Highly qualified, motivated and passionate staff are 100% always there for you, and always have an answer.

“I think my favourite experience was the outdoor education week as part the second-year outdoor education module. I think it was simply the fun and different activities that we took part in, and then the learning of the underlying psychological and learning theories. These have helped me develop even further professionally and personally.”

“Studying at university has enabled me to find my personal aptitude, or at least provide me the skills to do so, and subsequently, I have been able to massively improve my capacity to learn and apply myself. Also, it has obviously given me the chance to pursue a placement opportunity with my childhood sport & club, Leicester Tigers. I would probably have not had that opportunity having gone elsewhere as it has been driven by the influence of lecturers and tutors.”

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