Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to qualify for extra funding. There are a number of different Awards and Funds that might be helpful should you require financial aid.

Support funds and awards

UoC Student Support Fund - any student experiencing financial hardship

UoC Student Support Fund (Previously known as Hardship Fund)

The UoC Student Support Fund is available to students experiencing severe financial difficulty or unexpected financial emergencies. To find out if you qualify, please download the UoC Student Support Fund guidelines.

Student Support Fund application form

Student Support Fund Guidelines

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Emergency Loans to Assist with Delayed Funding

If your funding has been delayed and you’re struggling financially as a result, the UoC Student Support Fund is able to make small interest-free loans to assist you. It is expected that you will repay these loans as soon as your funding has been released. You will be required to have exhausted all other reasonable sources of support before applying, and you’ll have to submit evidence of this before your application can be processed.

Once your application is accepted, the Fund will pay fixed sums directly to your bank account. This will be £500 for students with children, and £300 for students without.

To apply for an emergency loan, simply download and return the Student Support Fund Emergency Loan Application form. All the information you need to submit your application is mentioned in the guidelines, but if you do have any trouble, our Money Advisers will be happy to help.

Student Support Fund - Emergency Loan Application

Student Support Fund - Emergency Loan Guidelines

Charis Utilities Trust - students facing difficulties with utility bills

About the Charis Utilities Trust

Having trouble paying your bills? Then you might qualify for help from the Charis Utilities Trust. Two types of trust funds are available depending on which utilities you are having trouble affording.

Utility Trust Funds

Some utilities providers have a trust fund attached to assist customers, including students, who are facing financial difficulties. If you’re having trouble with your gas, electricity or water bill and are unable to pay, you may be able to apply for assistance in paying these and other priority bills. Download our utility handout to find out if your provider offers this fund.

Download the handout

Cumbria Community Foundation

Cumbria Community Foundation has a range of grants available to fund activities that are part of a higher education course or lead to a vocational qualification.

Support is available to individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds where funding is the barrier that is holding them back. Grants can go towards the purchase of books, materials, travel costs and scholarship fees.

Find out more on their website

Download the leaflet

Buttle UK CCG Estranged Young Person Grant

The Buttle UK CCG Estranged Young Person Grant programme is for 16-20 year olds with no family support, living independently on a low income whilst pursuing an educational / training course be it academic or vocational, artistic or practical. They can be living in temporary supported accomodation or out in the community in their own tenancy with floating support.

The grant is for up to £2000 towards a combination of household items like white goods or a bed, to educational equipment such as a laptop, text books or specialist clothing and health/ leisure activities like gym membership.

How to apply

A support worker must apply on the young person's behalf. They can be a housing support, student services, social worker or advice worker who knows the young person's situation. Find out more at

Other sources

As well as the above funds, you may be eligible to obtain other grants and funding by applying for an Educational Trust or Scheme attached to a particular organisation. These are often based on your specific circumstances, and the amount you receive will vary depending on the awarding body.